Confidently navigate the home renovation process

The truth is, most homeowners are not rehabilitation and remodeling experts. Yet, many dive into home renovation without having done their homework. The realities of cost, time, and general coordination of projects can quickly overwhelm, becoming logistically, financially, and emotionally disruptive in ways you may not expect. If you are project ready, but want an unbiased advocate to help you determine if you are making the right moves along the way, then the HardHat Diplomat’s home renovation consulting and coaching is for you!


Whether you are working with an architect, general contractor, or project manager, the ultimate responsibility for the project falls on you, the homeowner. From cosmetic upgrades to total gut jobs, HardHat Diplomat helps you to feel confident in making informed and cost-effective decisions. HardHat Diplomat empowers you to define your needs, determine scope, identify the right resources, take action, and get the most out of your renovation project. Services include pre-project consultations, coaching during construction, progress inspections, and home improvement workshops. Learn More




Overcome Your Fear of Renovation. Become Your Own Project Manager.


As part of the New Homemakers collaborative, we offer group workshops - with special emphasis on women - to help those who own (or are looking) become more informed and prepared for construction and rehabilitation projects. Realtors, corporate offices and organizations are invited to reach out via the Contact page to schedule private presentations as a benefit to your real estate clients and employees. For events available to the public, and to find specific course details please visit the Workshops page. Explore the Partners page to learn more about the thew Homemakers 16 city national workshop tour titled: Home Renovation for Women.


Erin in her coffeehouse in Richmond, VA.

Erin in her coffeehouse in Richmond, VA.

Erin Helland is an entrepreneur and cultivator of community. For seven years, she built and owned an independent coffeehouse in Richmond, Virginia. She is experienced in commercial and residential rehabilitation, and is a certified DC home inspector. She created HardHat Diplomat as a specialty consulting service to make the home improvement process more approachable for homeowners. Erin is a homeowner, landlady, and Airbnb Superhost. A cultural enthusiast, she lived several years abroad, has traveled to 40+ countries, and spent a decade working in international education and diplomacy.

Visit the My Story page to learn how she turned her own home renovation disaster into a high-demand business supporting others - especially women - navigate the construction arena.