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Midway through the Midwest

After a week touring through the Southeast, we hit our halfway point through the Heartland. We conducted six workshops in four cities and we learned something unique in all.

In St. Louis we learned that one of our participants bought his house for less than the cost of a used car, while another was an architect who had worked in commercial real estate and is now rehabbing an old home to sell. Our smallest group so far of just 5 participants, we had a nice workshop venue in a private room in a brewery. Thanks, Four Hands Brewing!

From our most intimate workshop we traveled to Kansas City where we hosted in our most spacious venue, Plexpod, a historic junior high school that has been converted to a massive, co-working campus.

Next stop was Des Moines where we were sponsored by two specialty venues, a DIY studio offering hands-on classes teaching home decor, and a four-story architectural salvage store. Because the Des Moines zoning code is currently being updated for the first time since 1965, we taught two additional workshops on community development topics: short-term rentals and accessory dwelling units/tiny houses for realtors, landlords, city officials, and citizens. We were even asked if we would stay in town for the next six months to provide creative advice to those navigating the changes, but we have our tour to finish!

We love presenting in locally-run community spaces. In Minneapolis we were impressed by the build out of a creative space, New Rules in North Minneapolis, where we hosted our workshop. There was a diverse range of experiences from young women investing in duplexes, to property managers and women who own investment properties, to women buying homes on their own after relationship changes.

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Some people ask what our road life is like as we travel between cities. This little video is an example of waking up in St. Louis, setting up for a workshop in Kansas City, driving to camp in Southern Iowa, and waking up to do it all over again!