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Unlock the Secret to Successful
Home Renovations

Whether you’re looking to define your project scope or hire the right contractors, this course shares essential steps and insights to confidently navigate your home renovation.

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Renovation 101 Online Course by HardHat Diplomat

Founder of HardHat Diplomat Erin Helland stands on rowhome roof looking toward construction progress. Wearing a measuring tape on her belt. Chimneys and blue cloudy sky in the background

Why Our Course is Perfect for You

Overcome Bad Experiences

Had frustrating experiences in the past? Our course is here to turn that around with tools for a positive and successful renovation experience.

Make Informed Decisions

Gain valuable knowledge and expert guidance to engage the right contractors and make informed decisions throughout the process.

Plan & Stay on Course

Are you a careful planner? Our course provides comprehensive modules and resources to help you meticulously plan your renovation (and understand its affects on your everyday life).

Build Confidence in Your Project

Feeling timid or nervous? Our  course will help you overcome uncertainty, challenge common biases, and know your rights to help you tackle your renovation with confidence.

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Expert-Created Video Courses

Ready to transform your home? Here’s a preview of the course that has helped hundreds of people manage their own home renovations.


Gain confidence in your ability to navigate the home renovation process, wherever you are.


Learn how to find and work with the best contractors in your area. Understand the permitting and inspection process and avoid costly mistakes.

Save Money

Save time and money by learning how to plan and budget for your renovation project.

Full Video Course Curriculum

Discover ways to embrace a project management mindset, which will enable you to formulate a well-defined strategy and maintain organization during your home renovation process. 

Learn to strategize and manage the financial aspects of your home renovation project. 

Learn to efficiently explore, procure, and systematize the materials and selections for your home renovation project.

Master the art of constructing and enhancing home renovation schedules, and resolve any potential impediments that could affect your original timeline. 

Gain expertise in creating and overseeing a proficient home renovation team, including tips for finding, vetting and selecting contractors.

Learn about construction permits and how to collaborate with your contractor to devise a suitable plan.

Familiarize yourself with the crucial components of construction agreements and how to develop the scope of work for your contracts.

Establish a productive partnership with construction experts, ensuring a favorable experience throughout your renovation project.

Learn to troubleshoot and resolve any challenges that may arise during your home renovation.

Erin Helland founder of HardHat Diplomat stands in wooden framework of a new addition being built. She is wearing a yellow midweight jacket

Meet Your Course Instructor

Erin Helland is an entrepreneur and cultivator of community. She is an experienced commercial and residential renovation coach and board certified home inspector. She created HardHat Diplomat as a specialty consulting service to make the home improvement process more approachable. Erin has rehabbed multiple properties, created long-term and vacation rentals, and coached property owners across the US through remodeling projects – from simple makeovers to multi-million dollar endeavors. She also supports economic revitalization programs, coordinating public-private community development block grants for storefront facade improvements. For seven years, she built and owned an independent coffeehouse in Richmond, Virginia. A cultural enthusiast, she lived several years abroad, has traveled to 40+ countries, and spent a decade working in international education and diplomacy.

Start Your Home Renovation Journey Today!

Our course will provide you with the knowledge to navigate your home renovation with confidence and to save you time and money. Here’s what’s included.

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What you will get:

9 Video Courses

Our nine courses will guide you through your home renovation journey. Easily stream these videos at your own pace and convenience.

Additional Resources

Gain access to additional time-tested resources, available with each video.

Confidence & Cost Savings

Investing today in enhancing your own knowledge, self-sufficiency, and confidence could save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Course Price: $1000

Discount: 50% off Sale

You pay: $ 500

Frequently asked questions

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Our online courses contain over four hours of high-quality, easy-to-follow videos. You can stream these videos at your own pace!

We do not offer refunds. Due to the nature of the content and resources provided in the course.

If you have any questions or issues please contact us.

Our courses are available to stream from our members area on any device, at any time.

You will have a full two years to access the online courses and downloadable resources at your own pace.

This is designed for a US audience, however the concepts and tools, resources, and reference materials are valuable no matter where in the world you live.