Essential Home Maintenance



Essential Home Maintenance

Learn how to diagnose common problems around the house and approach basic repairs on your own.

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About The Webinar

Wish you were more handy around the house?  Gain essential home maintenance skills in this 90 minute session. Learn how to prevent and diagnose common problems, conduct basic repairs on your own, and know when it’s time to call in a professional. Presentation of information combined with demos will help you feel more at ease when facing emergency and permanent repairs at home.

Great for renters and homeowners alike!  We’ll touch on the basics of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, drywall, general safety and essential tools to have at home.

Erin is an entrepreneur and cultivator of community. For seven years, she built and owned an independent coffeehouse in Richmond, Virginia. She’s now owner of HardHat Diplomat, a specialized consulting service createdto make the home improvement process more approachable and help homeowners confidently navigate renovations. Erin is experienced in commercial and residential rehabilitation, and is a certified national home inspector. She is a homeowner, landlady, and Airbnb Superhost.  A cultural enthusiast, Erin has traveled to more than 40 countries and spent a decade working in international diplomacy.​​​​​​​