Finding a Place for your Tiny House (Winter Session To Be Announced)



Finding a Place for your Tiny House

Finding a Place for your Tiny House (Winter Session To Be Announced) - Pre Recorded

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Thursday, 20 August 2020, 7:00 PM
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About The Webinar

The #1 question in the tiny house world is “Where can I put a tiny house?”

​​​​​​​Join tiny house expert, Lee Pera, to learn all about zoning regulations and how to find a place for your tiny house. Lee has started an urban tiny house community, parked her house in numerous locations, helped others find tiny house parking spots and set up their tiny houses, and taught tiny house workshops across the country.

This is a live webinar, but registrants will also get a link to watch the webinar recording.

This workshop will cover:

  • Regulations for tiny houses: Understand zoning and how it applies to where you can place a tiny house. Learn about jurisdictions across the country that are becoming tiny-house friendly.

  • How to find a place for your tiny house: examples of how others have found parking spots and tools to help you find a place for your house.

  • Setting up your tiny house: What you will need on the property, how to prep the property for arrival, considerations and tips for being a good neighbor

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