Get Your Financial House In Order



Get Your Financial Health in Order:

Repair and build your financial credit to learn healthy habits and prepare for major purchases like buying a home

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About The Webinar

What’s better? $100k in the bank or an 800 credit score?

The first step to buying a home and maintaining it successfully is ensuring you understand the fundamentals of finance and are personally in a healthy financial position. 

Does your credit need repair? Learn financial growth tactics  and become an educated consumer with client and registered agent for United Credit Education Services, Dr. Malissa McLean.  She will share her journey with the program and why she decided to obtain credit repair services. Gain insight on the opportunity and where you can go to learn more.

Note: This is a financial literacy session and will not cover mortgage financing options.

Presented by Dr. Malissa McLean, founder of Paragon Lifestyles.  Hosted by Home Renovation Coach Erin Helland of HardHat Diplomat.

  • Assess your financial standing
  • Get tips to repair credit
  • Get financially prepared for major life purchases 

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Presented by Dr. Malissa McLean