Tiny Houses 101: the Basics



2/13/21 1pm EST
Tiny House Webinar

Tiny Houses 101: the Basics
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About The Webinar

Join national tiny house experts, Lee Pera, founder of the nation’s first tiny house community, and Jewel Pearson (Ms Bohemian Soul), co-founder of Tiny House Trailblazers to learn about the major decisions that go into tiny house building, placement, and lifestyle.

Both Jewel and Lee built and managed the builds of their own tiny houses, and have taught hundreds of people across the country about tiny houses through their workshops and presentations. Their tiny house journeys have been featured in numerous media outlets, including NPR, the Washington Post, Dwell, Apartment Therapy, The Guardian, and Al Jazeera.

  • Tiny House Types: Overview of tiny houses and how to choose what type meets your needs
  • Zoning and Building Codes: Where you can place tiny houses and codes to follow for building them
  • DIY or Buy?Pros and cons of building yourself, hiring a builder, and managing the process, or buying a tiny house built by a tiny house company.
  • Tiny House Living: Overview of systems for tiny houses and lifestyle considerations


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Lee PeraLee Pera, tiny house advocate, founder of Kotierra

Jewel PearsonJewel Pearson, tiny house consultant, co-founder of Tiny House Trailblazers

To learn more about their tiny house stories, see their websites:  kotierra.org & msbohemiansoul.com