Homeowners with a basic understanding of construction management are more likely to reach successful renovation outcomes. contact me to discuss your unique needs.




Renovation Planning: project Preparation  

Are you uncertain about how to begin your renovation? Through this customized consultation, we will assess your situation to create a project roadmap. Together we will articulate scope and scale, prioritize wants and needs, develop approximate timelines, and create a basic budget framework. We will capture design aspects to ensure you are informed and able to provide the professionals with clear project direction when obtaining estimates and meeting contractors. Contact for Quote

Homeowner Advocacy: Support & advice throughout

Contractors simply do not have time to hold your hand during the entire process. Even if you’ve done your homework and are getting the hang of overseeing the construction, you may want a little reinforcement - someone to guide you in the face of (inevitable) decision fatigue.

Serving homeowner interests as an unbiased advocate, HardHat Diplomat helps you better understand your options to make informed decisions along the way. This service ranges from reviewing contractor estimates and written contracts to joining you on an in-home walk through. Additional services help you prepare for inspections, organize bank draws, and control change orders. HardHat Diplomat can step in to enact contingency plans, provide mediation and project direction, and even act as your homeowner representative should you and your contractor require additional support to make it to the finish line. Contact for Quote

Materials Sourcing: Supply Research

HardHat Diplomat’s materials sourcing service helps you narrow down options and order materials that fit your unique space, budget and design preferences.

Materials selection is the responsibility of the homeowner. Unless you you hire a design firm to procure these items on your behalf, you will need to select and order a bulk of the materials such as appliances, tile, fixtures and hardware. There are dependencies to what works and together we can negotiate with your contractor and identify supplies with specifications to fit your space, budget, aesthetic preferences, and project timeline. Contact for Quote




HardHat Diplomat, in collaboration with Kotierra, offers group workshops - with special emphasis on women - to help those who own (or are looking) become more informed and prepared for construction and rehabilitation projects. Check out the Workshops page to get detailed course information and tickets for events available to the public. Realtors, corporate offices and organizations are invited to reach out via the Contact page to schedule private presentations as a benefit to your real estate clients and employees. Please visit the partners page to learn more about our collaboration and upcoming national tour as the New Homemakers. Explore the New Homemakers

Did you know that single women purchase homes at 2x the rate of men? Yet, many women miss out on great purchase opportunities because they are intimidated by the renovation process. We are here to change that! Register for Workshops

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HardHat Diplomat offers walkthroughs, mediation with contractors, and renovation advisory reports for homeowners as part of the homeowner advocacy and support services during major home improvement and construction projects. For realtors and buyers, formal site inspections for real estate purchase and lender-financed renovation draws for the DC metropolitan region will commence in January 2020.