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My name is Erin Helland and I empower audiences to transform Fears into motivation and resilience

After overcoming a home renovation disaster, I started HardHat Diplomat to help homeowners—especially women—confidently navigate the construction process and create their ideal sanctuary spaces. 

Through my experiences as a coffeehouse owner and world traveler, with my leadership experience in nonprofit public diplomacy, corporate healthcare, and small business, I’ve recognized a common theme of emotional holdbacks when facing new challenges. I help people identify fears and triggers, draw from those to create focused plans, and harness the skills and experiences they already have to shift their mindset and navigate challenges with confidence.


Reframe Your Fear into Focus: Harness the Tools Within to Confidently Navigate Uncertainty 🔨

Do you feel that something is holding you back despite knowing you have what it takes? Imagine turning that fear into unstoppable force for growth and success. By understanding that anxiety and excitement share the same reward system in the brain, we can reframe negative energy and turn uncertainty into opportunity!

Inspired by her own journey from near defeat to resilience after a home renovation disaster, Erin Helland now helps others navigate their own challenges with confidence. She believes that by shifting your mindset from fear to focus, you can transform how you function in the face of personal and professional uncertainties. In today’s fast-paced world, overcoming analysis paralysis, imposter syndrome, and decision fatigue is crucial. Research shows that reframing negative thoughts improves emotional resilience, enabling you to embrace change and tackle new challenges. 

After experiencing setback after setback during her home renovation, Erin set out on a mission to help homeowners—especially women—confidently navigate the construction process and create their ideal sanctuary spaces. She saw people struggle with vulnerability and anxiety facing their home improvement goals in the same way she witnessed colleagues experience apprehension about taking on new responsibilities and adjusting to changes in the workplace. Many of us look forward to new challenges, yet fear making wrong decisions or feel overwhelmed by big transitions. This keynote will help you transform fears into motivation and action, recognize and use anxieties to identify triggers, and reframe uncertainty into curiosity. By building emotional resilience, you can improve relationships, confidently plan for change, and greet challenges ahead with excitement.

Key Takeaways

  • Transform Fear into Focus: Learn to harness fear as a strategic tool for growth, turning obstacles into opportunities.

  • Identify Triggers: Develop a personalized plan to address stress and anxiety, using them as indicators for growth.

  • Improve Relationships: Discover strategies to balance power dynamics and communicate effectively, enhancing both personal and professional relationships.

  • Leverage Experiences: Utilize your unique background and transferable skills to navigate uncertainty with confidence and ease.

  • Gain Confidence in New Roles: Empower yourself to take on new responsibilities and entrepreneurial endeavors with assurance and enthusiasm.

  • Embrace a Resilient Mindset: Build emotional resilience to confidently plan for and adapt to change, transforming challenges into growth opportunities.

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After people hear me speak, they will begin re-framing their anxious mindset, calling upon their existing skills to build confidence and resilience, freeing them to embrace challenges with renewed excitement.

This Keynote is Perfect For

  • Overcoming workplace challenges in a rapidly changing environment (AI, Gen Z, Remote Work)
  • Bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to the 9-5
  • Pursuing new adventures
  • Increasing workplace engagement 
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety
  • Building resilience and confidence 
  • Navigating change and achieving growth
  • Promoting inclusion and empowerment







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Erin Helland has spoken as an in-person keynote speaker, panelist, and facilitator for events around the world, including at State Department Cultural Centers, educational symposiums, schools, governments, corporate and nonprofit leadership conferences.

Erin has delivered presentations in diverse locations beyond the United States, including Belgium, France, China, Indonesia, and Tunisia.

She is available for national and international bookings throughout the year, for both virtual and in-person formats. We encourage early inquiries and bookings. 

In your booking inquiry please provide the following details:

  • Preferred event dates
  • Event location
  • Format of the event (Keynote, Workshop, Panel Discussion, etc.) 

Hire Erin to Speak at Your Next Event

  • Gain strategies to confidently navigate personal and professional challenges. Navigate fields that have not historically been welcoming to women.
  • Event Types: Women’s leadership conferences, empowerment workshops, professional development seminars, annual meetings.
  • Leverage personal and professional skills to tackle challenges and achieve success.
  • Event Types: Industry conventions, trade shows, annual association meetings, professional development events.
  • Apply leadership and resilience skills to navigate big pivots, overcome challenges, and foster business growth.
  • Event Types: Small business summits, leadership retreats, entrepreneur forums, business expos, startup incubator events, innovation workshops.
  • Empower employees to confidently face new responsibilities and disruptions with a resilient mindset.
  • Event Types: Corporate diversity conferences, employee resource group workshops, company-wide training days, employee wellness events.
  • Develop leadership skills, enhance team cohesion, improve interpersonal relationships, and guide teams through uncertainty.
  • Event Types: Executive leadership conferences, management training programs, strategic planning retreats, board meetings, leadership summits, team-building exercises, organizational development seminars, corporate retreats.
  • Benefit from strategies to navigate significant personal or professional transitions confidently.
  • Event Types: Professional development seminars, career transition workshops, mentorship programs, networking events, career fairs, re-skilling programs, job search boot camps.
  • Equip students with skills to navigate academic and career transitions confidently.
  • Event Types: University seminars, student leadership workshops, career preparation events, orientation programs.
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Keynote Speech: Erin delivers powerful keynote speeches that are carefully crafted to inspire and motivate large audiences. These presentations are ideal for opening or closing conferences, providing impactful insights and actionable advice. Typically 45-60 minutes. Suitable for all types of gatherings, from large conferences to smaller corporate events.

Panel Discussions: Erin serves as an expert panelist, engaging in discussions on topics related to leadership, resilience, and empowerment. Ideal for industry-specific conferences and seminars where diverse viewpoints are appreciated.

Workshops: Interactive workshops or presentations led by Erin are designed to dive deeper into specific topics from fear transformation and resilience-building to home improvement. These sessions are interactive and allow for personalized guidance and group activities. Half-day or full-day. Best for small to medium-sized groups looking for a more intimate experience with tangible takeaways.

Facilitated Sessions:  Erin excels in facilitating sessions where she guides discussions and explorations on relevant themes among participants, fostering a collaborative environment. Suitable for corporate retreats, team-building events, and board governance and leadership strategic planning.

Virtual Presentations:  Erin offers virtual presentations that are equally engaging and impactful, allowing organizations worldwide to benefit from her expertise without geographical constraints. Typically 30-60 minutes. Ideal for remote teams, webinars, and global conferences.

Event Emcee:  As an event emcee, Erin brings her charisma and energy to ensure the event flows smoothly, engaging the audience throughout the event and keeping the energy high. Perfect for galas, award ceremonies, and corporate events.


Pictured is Erin Helland, the founder of HardHat Diplomat. As a home renovation coach, she is ready to help people - especially women - confidently navigate the home renovation process