National Tour By the Numbers

HardHat Diplomat

National Tour By the Numbers We spent 29 days together traveling 4000 miles to deliver 17 workshopsin 10 cities. We camped at KOAs, state, regional, and federal parks… and managed to spend only one uncomfortable night in a Planet Fitness parking lot. Our workshops brought together individuals – mostly women! – with the most intriguing […]

Femme-nomenal First Weekend!

Home Remodeling workshops service

Femme-nomenal First Weekend! Because Richmond is the city that inspired us to do this national tour we added on two short workshops and an open house. At our host venue Canvas we talked tiny houses and AirBnB rentals followed by an open house where participants were able to peruse environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials from EcoSupply and […]

Home Renovation for Women National Tour Kickoff

Home Remodeling workshops service

Home Renovation for Women National Tour Kickoff Lee Pera of Kotierra & Erin Helland of HardHat Diplomat If women are purchasing homes at twice the rate of men why are we so hesitant to take on home improvement and maintenance projects? To answer this question we’ve built out a campervan for a 16 city tour […]