We help people – especially women – create their ideal homes.

HardHat Diplomat is pleased to curate exciting and relevant home-centric seminars and workshops, presented in collaboration with industry professionals. Sessions are designed by womxn, for womxn, and WELCOME ALL GENDERS. Whether you are a renter or homeowner, these courses have relevance for you.

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In Person Workshops

We are thrilled to gradually re-introduce limited capacity in-person sessions. We’ll post them here throughout the year as scheduled.


Remodeling contractors
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We miss engaging our participants in person – so we are gradually reintroducing face-to-face classes.  New workshops are posted a month ahead of scheduled sessions. Hosted by HardHat Diplomat founder Erin Helland, often in collaboration with diverse, sharp, and relatable entrepreneurs and trades professionals, the workshops are each in some way connected to helping people create safe and comfortable sanctuaries.

Coming Soon! We also recognize that if we offer courses online, we can bring valuable information to more folx, in more places. Our four hour digital Renovation 101 course is just the starting point to our curation of a collaborative network and growth of a greater offering of topics.  

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Workshops are 3 hours to full day sessions. Online courses are broken into topical lessons lasting 20-45 minutes that can be watched on demand anytime that fits your schedule. 

Looking forward to seeing you!


Our workshop hosts come with some serious industry credentials in organizing, occupational therapy, finance, home inspection, renovation, and tiny houses. We bring the professional experience and also have our own “home” stories to tell.⁠

Erin Helland

Erin Helland

Founder of HardHat Diplomat, Erin is a home renovation coach, certified national home inspector, and strategy consultant. She serves as moderator and presenter for most sessions and curates the Workshops for Womxn marketplace.

Lee Pera

Lee Pera

Lee is a tiny house advocate and founder of Kotierra. She consults with cities and individuals exploring how to incorporate tiny houses into their communities. Lee and Erin built out a van for a national tour and have taught 30 in person workshops together in 10 cities.

Jewel Pearson

Jewel Pearson

Jewel is a national tiny house consultant. She is the creator of Ms Bohemian Soul Tiny House and founder of Tiny House Trailblazers, a collaboration of Black women within the tiny house movement.

Amy Dobson

Amy Dobson

Owner of Reclaim Interiors, Amy is a professional organizer and decorator.

HardHat Diplomat

Elexa Waugh-Quasebarth

Elexa is an occupational therapist certified in home modifications, aging in place, and desktop ergonomics.

Malissa McLean

Dr Malissa McLean

Malissa is a financial literacy coach, author, and founder of Paragon Lifestyles.

If women purchase homes at twice the rate of men, why are we so hesitant to take on home improvement?

Frequently Asked Questions


It’s not a typo! Used intentionally to be inclusive and welcoming of trans and nonbinary folx. Yes, all genders are invited to join our workshops.

The courses are often designed by women, sometimes with demographic specific content in mind. All genders are welcome to attend.

Attendees are ethnically diverse, typically ranging in age from 28-70, and most are working professionals. While the in-person workshops are 85% women, the webinars are trending on a 60/40 ratio, and vary by topic.

  • single, coupled, divorced, and widowed
  • of all orientations
  • buying or owning homes of all types (single, multiplex, houseboat, tiny house)
  • on their own, in partnership, and as investments
  • who want to be more informed 
  • and understand DIY options and best practices for engaging professionals
  • when faced with challenges in pulling their sanctuary together

In person workshops are regularly offered in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, and across cities on the East Coast. Workshop or webinar options for other locations can be arranged for partners and sponsors.

We are launching Renovators 101 to help homeowners across the US access information to more successfully navigate the home renovation process.

Businesses interested in sponsoring HardHat Diplomat’s Online Courses and Workshops should reach out via the contact form to discuss the many ways you can be of support.

We are constantly building home-centric workshops and online courses. If you are interested in becoming a panelist or presenter, please read here to get the next steps.

Partners & Sponsors