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Create your ideal home with our Workshops for Womxn! Next up: Essential Home Maintenance, 7pm EST  Tuesday 9/22.

Femme-nomenal First Weekend!

Because Richmond is the city that inspired us to do this national tour we added on two short workshops and an open house. At our host venue Canvas we talked tiny houses and AirBnB rentals followed by an open house where participants were able to peruse environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials from EcoSupply and antique wears from Caravati’s Architectural Salvage. Attending our home renovation workshop were women from around the region. Participants ranged from being future homeowners to a houseboat owner who has an AirBnB business to real estate investors to individuals just trying to keep up with maintenance of old homes.

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Lee teaches about tiny houses in Richmond, VA. Photo courtesy of Deshawn Chappell (Purely Photogenic)

We spent our first night in the van at a North Carolina state park and woke up to a lovely view of the lake. Part of what makes this trip special is seeing friends and checking out their recommendations along the way. We were treated to lunch in Greensboro by a friend before journeying on to Charlotte to visit with Jewel Pearson (MsGSoul) in her beautiful tiny house. Always resourceful, she wouldn’t let us leave without gifting us a jumper cable kit for our journey.

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Visiting with MsBohemianSoul in her Tiny House

Consulting renovation service

Diane, founder of Elevator Factory, talks to workshop participants in Atlanta, GA

Our next stop was Atlanta where we had a full house at the Elevator Factory, a coworking and event space designed using shipping containers. We had many tiny house enthusiasts in our Atlanta workshop who are looking for alternative home ownership options in an expensive real estate market. AR Workshop Smyrna stopped by to talk to participants about DIY projects for their homes.

Our participants were very generous with their enthusiasm. Caravati’s donated a $100 gift certificate. AR workshop donated a class. One participant slipped us dinner funds and another offered up her tiny house AirBnB so we could sleep more than six inches apart. We’re really grateful for all the support in making our first weekend on the road such a success!

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Our Tiny House for the night in Cabbagetown, Atlanta

Some testimonials from our weekend workshops:

“I attended this event in RVA, and it was the right mix of information and inspiration — in other words, I received resources to move forward with confidence not just a bunch of dense slides and even denser unattainable projects that would leave me feeling lost and hopeless. Erin Helland and her business partner Lee Pera were thoughtful to time and people’s experience levels and goals throughout the afternoon. Highly recommend.” – Lynne Marie

“This conference provides a platform to harness the resources within yourself. It’s so much more than a choice between DIY or which contractor to use; it’s about the holistic effect of utilizing money to build a vessel that holds your being, loved ones and prized possessions. The ladies were so thoughtful in teaching about appreciating assets and the statistics of want versus worth. I own houseboats and the ideas that floated through my mind were endless.” – Nicole