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Coaching From Concept to the Finish Line

Homeowner Helpline

$ 80 - 150 Per Session
  • Simplified construction guidance
  • Contractor visit preparedness
  • Trustworthy second opinion
  • Confidence boosting advice

Mini Consultation

Helping you make more informed decisions for your home repairs and renovations, the Homeowner Helpline offers you a bite-sized professional opinion via a quick, simple call. 

Whether you’re prepping for a contractor visit, deciding between DIY or professional help, or simply seeking general advice for a sudden repair emergency – we’ve got you covered. More than just the technical know-how, we also provide the emotional support often needed in these situations. While available to all homeowners, our services were created in particular to serve those who feel marginalized or concerned about being taken advantage of as homeowners. Especially welcoming to all who identify as: womxn, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, persons with neurodivergence or disabilities, seniors and single folx! 

From exploring ideas to quick fix-it scenarios, our “Homeowner Helpline” is your go-to resource to “gut-check”, get insights, and feel better making decisions about your home.

Planning Consultation

$ 2500 Flat Rate
  • Site visit (virtual or in-person)
  • Discovery meeting
  • Written action memo
  • Follow-up discussion

Tailored for You

Uncertain where to begin? Embark on your renovation journey with our custom Planning Consultation service. This comprehensive coaching session helps you sort ideas, narrow project scope, and set a direction before launching a renovation project.

It includes a (virtual or in-person) home walkthrough and a 1-1 discovery meeting, followed by a brief written memo in support of your specific home renovation planning and decision making needs. Memos are customized by project and may include a broad situation assessment, major renovation descriptions, budget considerations, prioritization of potential improvements, and suggested next steps. An optional 30 minute follow-up call allows us to review recommendations and ensures you’re well-equipped to kick-off your project with confidence. 

This service is subject to written agreement and scheduling availability.

Renovation Coaching

Day or Project Rates
  • Ongoing project guidance
  • Advocacy & mediation
  • Technical & emotional support
  • Documented milestones

Full Project Coaching

Homeowner Support

Our Renovation Coaching service ensures you’re never alone in your home improvement journey. With this service, you’ll retain ongoing access to expert advice throughout your activated construction projects. From reviewing bids and contracts, to comparing lending options, hiring professionals, selecting materials, discussing change orders, enacting contingencies, and marking milestones, we are here to provide practical guidance every step of the way. And, it’s not just the technical aspects – as your advocate, we are also here to provide emotional support,  helping you navigate the stresses and celebrate the successes of your major renovation. 

Contractor Support

We understand contractors managing logistics of field work may also wish to have a liaison to support communications with homeowners or have assistance in milestone tracking and progress reporting. We offer contractors custom quotes based on scope, timeline, and level of engagement. 

For specific challenges or events, we provide day rates. Project rates are best suited for construction projected to exceed three months or with budgets of $250,000 – $2,000,000.

Home Renovation Course

$ 500 Online On-Demand
  • 9 comprehensive video courses
  • In-depth renovation understanding
  • Confidence-boosting knowledge
  • Time & money savings

In-Depth Guidance On Demand

Introducing Home Renovation 101 – a comprehensive online course designed to demystify remodeling and give homeowners the tools you need to financially, logistically, and emotionally succeed in your project, no matter the size or complexity.

Over four hours of lessons, with corresponding reference resources help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully navigate your remodeling journey. Whether you’re unsure about hiring the right contractor, mystified by permits and inspections, concerned about the “pink tax,” or simply intimidated by the whole process, Home Renovation 101 is for you.

The course is modeled after the nationally acclaimed Home Reno for Womxn workshops taught by Erin Helland of HardHat Diplomat and tiny house expert, Lee Pera in which they addressed the rising power of women in the home-buying/ownership market. 

Watch from anywhere, anytime. Equip yourself with the confidence and know-how to navigate each phase of your renovation process to ensure a successful and satisfying outcome!


$ 199-300 In Person
  • Valuable industry insights
  • Practical skills and hands-on experiences
  • Confidence-boosting knowledge
  • Community connection & networking

Dynamic Group Day Classes

Our in-person sessions cater to renters and homeowners alike. While workshops are designed with womxn in mind, we welcome guest speakers and participants of all genders. Join our intimate, small group classes to gain practical skills, connect with industry professionals, and network with fellow participants in a friendly, safe space for folx of all experience levels.

We offer a variety of popular workshops throughout the year, including “Renovators 101” and “Essential Home Maintenance 101.”

In “Renovators 101,” prepare for your upcoming renovation with confidence and get tips to save money, time, and stress. In hands-on “Essential Home Maintenance 101,” learn to prevent and diagnose common problems, perform basic repairs, and know when to call in a professional.

Our workshops are fun, informative, and provide you with valuable insights and practical skills to ensure you’re well-equipped to tackle your home improvement journey.

Remodeling contractors
Remodeling contractors


Are You Uncertain About How To Begin Your Renovation?

Through this customized consultation, we will assess your situation to create a project roadmap. Together we will articulate scope and scale, prioritize wants and needs, develop approximate timelines, and create a basic budget framework. We will capture design aspects to ensure you are informed and able to provide the professionals with clear project direction when obtaining estimates and meeting contractors.

Basement renovations


Do You Crave Guidance And Support During Your Project?

Liaison services support busy, working, or older homeowners who do not have the capacity to engage with contractors on daily construction decisions. Mediation support support you in creating change orders, enacting contingencies, and overcoming miscommunications. Coaching is available throughout the project for those who just need to touchdown with someone  who understands and can hold your hand as you navigate logistical, financial and emotional milestones of the project. 

Basement renovations
Bathroom remodel consulting cost


Did You Know Finish Materials Are Ultimately Your Responsibility?

Unless you hire a full-service firm to procure these items on your behalf, you will need to make selections for most finished products such as appliances, tile, fixtures and hardware. There are dependencies of what works together, and decision fatigue has a way of creeping up on you. We can negotiate with your contractor and identify supplies with specifications to fit your space, budget, aesthetic preferences, and project timeline.

home remodeling workshops service

Did You Know?

Single women are buying homes at twice the rate of men despite 37% less purchase power. Yet, many pass on great purchase opportunities because they are intimidated by the renovation process or do not know where to begin.

Energetic & Authentic


Pictured is Erin Helland, the founder of HardHat Diplomat. As a home renovation coach, she is ready to help people - especially women - confidently navigate the home renovation process

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

Erin Helland is a dynamic business leader and entrepreneur with 20 years experience in corporate, nonprofit and small business sectors. She has served as a panelist and featured speaker at conference events worldwide. An independent professional consultant, Erin has supported the work of local and global governments, businesses, and nonprofits. Her specialties include strategic planning, program virtualization, and business leadership training.
Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your lineup, engage your audience, and inspire innovation. Invite Erin to speak at your trade show, conference or event!
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