Coaching From Concept to the Finish Line



Are You Uncertain About How To Begin Your Renovation?

Through this customized consultation, we will assess your situation to create a project roadmap. Together we will articulate scope and scale, prioritize wants and needs, develop approximate timelines, and create a basic budget framework. We will capture design aspects to ensure you are informed and able to provide the professionals with clear project direction when obtaining estimates and meeting contractors.

  • define scope and scale
  • prioritize wants vs. needs
  • develop budget framework


Do You Crave Guidance And Support During Your Project?

Liaison services support busy, working, or older homeowners who do not have the capacity to engage with contractors on daily construction decisions. Mediation support support you in creating change orders, enacting contingencies, and overcoming miscommunications. Coaching is available throughout the project for those who just need to touchdown with someone  who understands and can hold your hand as you navigate logistical, financial and emotional milestones of the project. 

  • review bids, contracts, and inspection reports
  • liaise between professionals and homeowners
  • lend an ear and provide practical guidance 


Did You Know Finish Materials Are Ultimately Your Responsibility?

Unless you hire a full-service firm to procure these items on your behalf, you will need to make selections for most finished products such as appliances, tile, fixtures and hardware. There are dependencies of what works together, and decision fatigue has a way of creeping up on you. We can negotiate with your contractor and identify supplies with specifications to fit your space, budget, aesthetic preferences, and project timeline.

  • research specialty materials like eco-friendly, ADA, custom-build
  • facilitate selections when faced with competing options or opinions

Energetic and Authentic


Pictured is Erin Helland, the founder of HardHat Diplomat. As a home renovation coach, she is ready to help people - especially women - confidently navigate the home renovation process

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

Erin Helland is a dynamic business leader and entrepreneur with 20 years experience in corporate, nonprofit and small business sectors. She has served as a panelist and featured speaker at conference events worldwide. An independent professional consultant, Erin has supported the work of local and global governments, businesses, and nonprofits. Her specialties include strategic planning, program virtualization, and business leadership training.
Governments, businesses, realty, construction and home-centric organizations are encouraged to reach out via the contact page.

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On Demand Home-Centric Webinars

Single women are buying homes at twice the rate of men despite 37% less purchase power. Yet, many pass on great purchase opportunities because they are intimidated by the renovation process or do not know where to begin.

As two women who figured out how to live affordably and creatively in one of the nation’s most expensive cities, Erin Helland of HardHat Diplomat and national tiny house expert Lee Pera of Kotierra partnered to create and deliver their "Home Renovation for Womxn" workshop to hundreds of women in cities across the US. Inspired by this endeavor, HardHat Diplomat created the Workshops for Womxn webinar marketplace.

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