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At HardHat Diplomat, our unbiased perspective is aimed at benefiting you, focusing on sharing expertise rather than selling unnecessary services. Your concerns about renovation are met with empathy and practical solutions. Additionally, we provide insights into your capabilities, helping you decide which tasks you can tackle on your own and which are best left to professionals. Make informed decisions throughout your home renovation with HardHat Diplomat.

A modern kitchen in Washington, D.C., with vibrant blue cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and white countertops with a marble pattern. The kitchen features a gas range stove and a large refrigerator, with herringbone patterned white backsplash. Natural light streams in from windows with plantation shutters, highlighting the warm wooden floor.
Erin Helland, founder of HardHat Diplomat, is seen consulting with a homeowner at a renovation site. They are indoors, standing in front of a bright window with sunlight streaming in, which illuminates the room and highlights construction materials in the background. Both individuals are engaged in a conversation, gesturing with their hands, suggesting a detailed discussion about the renovation work in progress.
A newly designed bathroom in Washington, D.C., featuring a standalone white bathtub with brass fixtures, next to a unique terrazzo-like black, pink, and green tiled wall. A glass-enclosed shower with the same tile design, a modern vanity with a black base and brass handles, a circular mirror above it, and marble pink flooring complete the luxurious look. The room is well-lit with soft overhead lights, creating a warm ambiance

Quick Consultation​

Perfect for individuals preparing for contractor visits, weighing DIY against professional work, or seeking specific advice on home repairsOur quick consultation provides streamlined professional guidance through brief calls. More than just offering technical assistance, we deliver crucial emotional support. This service ensures you have immediate access to validate ideas, discover solutions, or build the confidence needed to make informed home improvement decisions.

25-Minute Session
A focused consultation tailored to address a single concern, providing direct expert advice.

55-Minute Session
A longer discussion suitable for exploring multiple questions or a deeper dive into your renovation projects and concerns.

$ 80-150 Per Session
  • Simplified construction advice
  • Prep for contractor meetings
  • Trustworthy second opinion
  • Confidence-boosting tips

Planning Consultation

Designed for those in the exploratory stage, this service offers a structured approach to clarify your project vision, scope and scale before contacting construction professionals and launching your renovation project. From a detailed walkthrough of your home to a personalized discovery meeting, we provide the insights needed to focus your project’s direction realistically and effectively. Our written memo offers a comprehensive assessment of your renovation wants and needs, and may include budget considerations, prioritization of improvements, and suggested next steps. A follow-up call ensures your questions are answered, and positions you to better prepare and commence your renovation with clarity and confidence.

This service requires written agreement and is subject to scheduling availability.

$ 2500 Flat Rate
  • Site visit (virtual or in-person)
  • Discovery meeting
  • Written action memo
  • Follow-up discussion

Project Renovation Coaching

Retain access to unbiased expertise and support for the entirety of your construction project. Whether it’s making informed decisions on bids and contracts, understanding lending options, evaluating professionals, selecting materials, or enacting contingencies and change orders, we guide you to reach each decision with practical advice. Renovation Coaching service ensures you have a dedicated partner in the home improvement process.  More than just handling the technicalities, we stand by you as your advocate, offering both emotional support and construction team communication mediation when needed. This dual approach ensures you feel supported as you navigate the stresses and celebrate successes of your major renovation.

  • Tailored to your specific project needs, ensuring personalized advice and solutions.
  • Focus on empowering you to make informed decisions and effectively manage your renovation.
  • Aimed at reducing stress and enhancing the overall success and satisfaction of your renovation experience.


This service requires written agreement and is subject to scheduling availability.

Day or Project Rates
  • Ongoing project guidance
  • Advocacy & mediation
  • Technical & emotional support
  • Documented milestones

Home Improvement Classes

Online Course

Dive into our Home Renovation 101 online course to build a solid foundation for how to define and approach your renovation project. Designed for flexibility, this comprehensive course is crafted to demystify remodeling, equipping you with the necessary knowledge and tools for financial, logistical, and emotional success in any renovation, no matter the size or complexity.

With four hours of lessons you can follow at your own pace, you’ll be guided through every aspect of the renovation process. From selecting the right contractor to understanding costs and overcoming common fears, Home Renovation 101 addresses it all. Ideal for anyone looking to approach their renovation project with confidence and ensure a rewarding experience from start to finish. Learn More


Participants of our small group sessions gain practical skills, connect with industry professionals, and network with fellow participants in a space welcoming all experience levels. Each workshop is crafted to be engaging, educational, and empowering, equipping you with the insights and practical knowledge needed for your home improvement projects. Our workshops cater to renters and homeowners alike. Learn More

$ 199-1000 Classes
  • Valuable insights
  • Practical skills
  • Confidence-boosting
  • Time and money savings

Need a Speaker?

Erin Helland is a dynamic business leader and entrepreneur with 25 years experience in corporate, nonprofit and small business sectors. She has served as a panelist and featured speaker at conference events worldwide. An independent professional consultant, Erin has supported the work of local and global governments, businesses, and nonprofits. Her specialties include strategic planning and business leadership training.

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