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Pictured are participants of the Home Renovation for Womxn workshop in Atlanta, GA.

Seeking Presenters & Panelists

Seeking Presenters & Panelists for Workshops for Womxn HardHat Diplomat helps people – especially women – create their ideal homes. Growing our Offering of Homeowner

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Home Improvement Roadmap for First-Time Homebuyers

Home Improvement Roadmap for First-Time Homebuyers Originally published on Redfin September 16, 2020 by Mike Cahill with contribution by HardHat Diplomat Many first-time homebuyers don’t anticipate

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National Tour By the Numbers

National Tour By the Numbers We spent 29 days together traveling 4000 miles to deliver 17 workshopsin 10 cities. We camped at KOAs, state, regional,

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Back to the East Coast

Back to the East Coast The last leg of our journey brought us from the Midwest back home to DC, and we took the opportunity

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Midway through the Midwest

Midway through the Midwest After a week touring through the Southeast, we hit our halfway point through the Heartland. We conducted six workshops in four

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Femme-nomenal First Weekend!

Femme-nomenal First Weekend! Because Richmond is the city that inspired us to do this national tour we added on two short workshops and an open

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