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Create your ideal home with our Workshops for Womxn! Next up: Essential Home Maintenance, 7pm EST  Tuesday 9/22.


Create Your Ideal Home

Welcome to HardHat Diplomat Workshops

We understand the anxieties and complexities of home improvement. HardHat Diplomat™ workshops are designed to empower homeowners by providing the skills and confidence needed to transform your living space. While our mission was inspired to support women homeowners, our classes are gender-inclusive, ensuring practical learning and meaningful connections for everyone.

Beyond simple how-tos, our workshops offer a collaborative environment for real-world application. Led by Erin Helland, founder of HardHat Diplomat and your renovation advocate, these sessions draw on extensive experience to teach effective home improvement management and decision-making. Select an event for detailed information and registration.

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Relevant & Relatable Insights

The renovation journey can be daunting. HardHat Diplomat helps you overcome your hesitations by providing in-depth, focused classes that cut through the complexity of the renovation process. Our goal is to demystify home improvement, making it an accessible and empowering experience. Inclusivity is central to our approach, ensuring a respectful and supportive environment for all participants.

Availability & Locations

Our workshops, held primarily in the spring and fall, are honest and practical, designed to offer best practices and supportive guidance. Originating in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, our in-person reach has extended to over 20 cities across 12 states, thanks to the sponsorship and collaboration of industry partners. We’re committed to expanding our impact, helping homeowners nationwide gain the confidence to tackle any renovation challenge. 

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With more than 65% of U.S. homes in need of renovation, HardHat Diplomat aims to equip you with the necessary tools and confidence for a successful home improvement project. Whether through our workshops or online courses, we’re dedicated to supporting your renovation dreams, ensuring every project becomes a success story.

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Workshops are half to full day sessions small group capacity. Watch for early bird specials and get your tickets right away to secure your spot!

Can’t attend? Check out our online course!

If women purchase homes at twice the rate of men, why are we so hesitant to take on home improvement?

Frequently Asked Questions


Content is relevant to everyone though we sometimes address demographic specific concerns. Indeed, ALL genders are welcome to attend.

Attendees are ethnically diverse, typically ranging in age from 28-72, and most are working professionals. While the in-person workshops are 85% women, the online courses trend on a 60/40 ratio.

  • single, coupled, divorced, and widowed
  • of all orientations
  • buying or owning homes of all types (single, multiplex, houseboat, tiny house)
  • on their own, in partnership, and as investments
  • who want to be more informed 
  • and understand DIY options and best practices for engaging professionals
  • when faced with challenges in pulling their sanctuary together

In person workshops are regularly offered in DC, Virginia, Maryland, and across cities on the East Coast. Workshop options for other locations can be arranged with sponsorship.

Home Renovation 101 is available to help homeowners everywhere access information to more successfully navigate the home renovation process.

If you’re in real estate, construction, or supply and looking to provide our online courses or workshops as a closing gift or value-added service, we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities, including special rates or complimentary access for your clients. Additionally, businesses eager to sponsor or collaborate on HardHat Diplomat initiatives are invited to connect with us.